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04.03.2021 - 13:51
New Game Starting Now

Panzer General XII

A. Game Enhancements:

1. No changes.

B. Player Countries by Numbers of Reinforcements (Descending Order):

1. Britain: 348
2. Japan: 298
3. USA: 291
4. USSR: 260
5. France: 232
6. Spain: 209
7. PRC (China): 204
9. Germany: 148
8. Australia: 145
9. Italy: 134
10. Brazil: 130
11. Canada: 120

C. Game Protocol:

1. Please do not move units outside of your home country on turn one (1). Player's who move units outside of their home country on turn one (1) will be required to either forfeit a turn or the game. Repeat violations will result in the player not being invited to future games. Players may wall cities during turn one (1).

2. If at all possible, do not leave a game prematurely, particularly in the early turns. Leaving the game prematurely by timing-out is disruptive to the game and disrespectful of other players.

3. Finally, whenever possible, take your turn in a timely manner. Most games have a 48 hour time limit. This does not mean that you need to wait 48 hours before taking your turn. Be considerate of other players time as you would want them to be considerate of yours.

D. Player's Invitation List:

There are some significant changes to the Player's Invitation List. Going forward the Player's Invitation List will be managed as follows:

Players Added To The List:
• Player's who join any coalition sponsored game
• New coalition members
• Player's who request to be added.

Players Removed From the List:
• Players who have been inactive in atWar for more than 7 days
• Player's who request to be removed
• Banned players.

Good luck to all...

Commodus, Founding Leader, Niki
Niki, the coalition of choice for casual gamers...

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