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04.03.2021 - 07:40
If submitting from another account, what is the name of the original account: Ivan. and Nedris the II

Moderator who took action against you: Sascha

What was the action taken against you: 7 days total ban

Reason for action taken against you: dueling from an alt account

Have you had warnings or prior actions taken against you for the same or similar offense: No, maybe years ago I dont remember that one

Why that action should be repealed/reduced: I am sorry for my action all I did from that account was dueling with dex to show my brother when he wanted to start playing cws and duel and some duels years ago duel with some one when my brother was inactive I don't remember, the account belongs to my brother we share same pc to play and same laptop when it's free and if you come up if we are both online at same time so yes it's from now days maybe it will sound awkward we play one by one . If you still think I'm coming up with some story I'm fine with the ban already admit I played from that account against dex and no one else currently. I appologise for my action did not knew it would be this serious.
05.03.2021 - 02:00
 Sascha (Mod)
Skrivet av Muffs.alt, 04.03.2021 at 07:40


I think I already talked to you about the issue I see more than enough. Since you acknowledge your mistake I will be reducing your ban to 2 days. But again the brother story is something we can't verify and there is just no way to verify whos actually playing since you both use the same pc. Please refrain from dueling on this other account otherwise future bans will be longer.


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