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Inlagd av Captain Steele, 25.02.2021 - 12:36
Due to the amount of hate in Atwar I am quitting the supporter role, all I tried to do was host a game with high ranks and low ranks could play together with the low ranks actually having a chance, however, no-one listened, one person (you know who you are) even created another game and spammed our chat with links. Then proceeded to report and mute me after I threatened to report him unless he stopped, by this time I was banned by over 3 people for kicking them even though I clearly stated several dozen times the rules and that they would get kicked if they did not follow them. I was then targeted in the game by the same person who had spammed the chat as he picked right next to me. Several other members of the game proceeded to incite the others to target me as well, at that point I was so annoyed and frustrated I abandoned the game and asked for a demotion from supporter. I ask why? Why does this happen? If you don't want to play by the rules in the game I hosted, why join? I want to make note my quitting was not due to any of the mods or any other supporters, they are great, I am quitting from the sheer amount of hate you get just for being a supporter, to the other supporters and mods, I truly admire you.
02.03.2021 - 08:59
Skrivet av Skanderbeg, 27.02.2021 at 15:11

For example, i am playing another game, where you get banned for talking about races, politics, sex or simply for using F or N word (or writing 'jew' or politicians names). It's a 'tunneled' gaming content, just consume the content and enjoy, and if you stray - boom - deleted.

I just wanted to reply for this but I continued reading and...

Skrivet av Sean Spicer, 27.02.2021 at 17:59

You can't separate politics from war, what you're proposing has as much foundation in reality as communism or some other utopian view.

And it comes out like I only wanted to say the same thing as Sean, with a slight difference. You seem too biased, I'd recommend you to approach the topic from another point of view.

Additionally, virtual world is a worse reflection of real world in some weird way. In real life, a 30 years old american developer or a 24 years old moderator from Kenya are unlikely meet a german teenager on the street and start talking about Angela Merkel's last decision in the friday news. On the internet, this is way more common and happens by ease on a daily basis.

The rest is just... just humans. We argue and blame each other with or without any reason. If you can't stand a widened bubble of open speech on a game or you misunderstood the fact that atWar forum recalls the era of 2000's internet and it carries a certain nature, properties on default, you should look for more modern games. However, I will not waste my time writing a book, so I just tell you this very straightforwardly once and for all. Go and play Fortnite. Nice to meet you. And do not forget the things what Sean said, I agree with 99% of it.

02.03.2021 - 14:19
Skrivet av Doctress Daisy, 02.03.2021 at 08:59

Go and play Fortnite. Nice to meet you.

I watched Fortnite videos, not my thing. Too fast and cartoonish.
Using your authority for good is power, using it for evil is corruption
26.03.2021 - 00:59
There's some really good advice in here about dealing with trolls and understanding this is just a game. Might I also add to that and say there is an ignore/block feature too I believe (unless things changed).

On a side note:

Sid and the victim of waffles cyberbullying should have read this advice offered the various supporters and moderators in this thread. Perhaps then a more logical solution to the problem (I.e. ignoring the bullies using the in game feature) would suffice as it would completely warrant any cyberbullying attempts useless. But I guess banning people is always more fun.
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